Hello Fans of the 60s

I love the music, fashion and freedom of the 60s!

The Beatles, 1964 - image via Wikipedia

I can remember the buzz of queing up outside the Beeb barrier waiting to be herded into the studio for Top of the Pops. It was just fab.

And I always rushed home from work to watch Juke Box Jury with David Jacobs. You couldn’t wait to hear all the latest singles and see which records the panel of judges would vote a hit or miss. We’d be at home, shouting at the TV screen how the judges should vote.

Radio Caroline played fantastic  music all day. The Djs were heroes, Kenny Everitt was outrageous and hilarious. When Radio Caroline was outlawed it felt like the death of somebody you loved.

In 1967 Sandie Shaw sang Puppet on a String at the Eurovision Song Contest. I watched it with friends and nearly everytime a country voted we got 12 points. We ended up partying until five in the morning. No Eurovision has ever matched 1967 for the sheer magic.

One of my favourite films was the Beatles with ‘A Hard Days Night’. It was a rollercoaster ride of madcap chases and fun.

From my passion for the 60s came the idea of this ex-60s popstar, Dottie Pickles. She’s sparky! She’s fun! Completely dotty in a fab way.

Dottie runs a 60s memorabilia shop with her niece, Celia. Dottie still has the 60s desire for freedom. She wears miniskirts and tipples on Babycham.

So, Pop Pickers, here’s to fun, laughter, freedom and joy – Are you readio to Ready, Steady, Go?…